Č e s k á  p r a v i c e
-  Election Programme -

 We dont strive after power – we want to enable the people to control it effectively.
Liberty of citizens and independence of their state is the essence of prosperity.

European Union means submission.

It is the primary duty of a Czech citizen to protect constitutional liberties and independence of the Constitution of the Czech Republic upon any terms.


„We accept and will truly hold the ideals of modern democracy that have been the ideals of our nation for centuries.“

The Declaration of Independence of the Czechoslovak Nation,
Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk,
Washington D. C.
18th October, 1918

"State is no more then a depiction of its citizens; the more respectable citizens, the more respectable state.”

Ronald Reagan


The Czech Republic – Free Citizens Democratic Homeland

Czech history proves that freedom and democracy, as a life credo and a principle of civil engagement, are the foundations of human dignity. They are never implied, never guaranteed or given once for all.
We endorse the Czech political nation and its state idea as a permanent civic sense of the Czech statehood. The Czech State idea, as an ideological moral principle of the Czech statehood, has been developing within a dramatic history of the Czech State for 1.200 years. 
It inheres in the irreplaceability of the still perfecting national and civic individuality against false, forced tensions and external pretensions. The Czech State idea stands for a never-ending quest for the truth as a free and responsible life, which improves and amends itself alone.
The Czech State idea resembles especially the American State idea. The American State idea grows out of the American conception of democracy that, according to the words of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the founder and the first President of the Czechoslovak Republic, has a religious basis on tolerance.
Uncertainty of the existence of an independent and democratic state based on the approved idea of Czech statehood challenges us, the liberal-minded and democratic citizens, to get rid of senseless and undignified coyness. We must assert personal abilities and realise collective aims in a constitutionally independent civic environment of the Czech Republic without hesitation.


What are the aims?


Public Administration



We see the justice primarily as an equality of citizens before the democratically and constitutionally adopted law of the Czech Republic. 
First and foremost, the Czech Republic must reliably guarantee to all citizens true protection of life, the freedom of conscience, religion, science, economic and business enterprise, literature and art. Crucial is also the freedom of speech, media, the right of assembly and the freedom of petition.
The Czech democratic law should only mark a zone for self-determination and free behaviour. We refuse to confuse the law with executorial notices and standards. It is just an unacceptable civic comprehension of the law. However, “law” of that kind is characteristic for the so-called communitarian law of the neighbouring European Union. Unfortunately, in order to gain regular membership in such a considerably undemocratic, socialistic and evidently anti-American - hence decadent - organisation of fifteen European (still democratic) states, the Czech Republic promptly integrates these problematic rules of law into its system of law.

 We want to:

We will enforce Anti-Czech Activity Law. In terms of this law we will warrant:


We also want to: 

Accomplish a fundamental reform in justice that will include:


Foreign Policy

    The chief and the permanent objective of the foreign policy of the Czech Republic is to secure and protect freedom and independence of the state and its inhabitants.
Membership of the Czech Republic in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is the principle of the Czech foreign policy. The Nato’s mission is to defend European and North American democracies as the centre of the Euro-American democratic civilisation.
    In view of the character of the Czech history and the democratic tradition of the Czech State idea, which is very similar to the American State idea, the United States of America must permanently be the chief foreign ally of the Czech Republic.


Česká pravice wants to:

 In the European Union, there predominates an undemocratic way of decision making that suppresses justice and the foundations of freedom. The objective of the contemporary European Union is to gradually abolish the constitutional sovereignty of European democratic states (that has been developing for hundreds of years) in order to guarantee civil liberty, justice and independent foreign policy. The European Union gradually liquidates liberty and dignity of the citizens of European democracies. Against their will, it establishes a system of central socialistic commandment and citizens activities planning. That is why the European Union has become an unnatural anti-European unit.


Defence and Security Policy

 Therefore, it is necessary to increase the defence budget, to get rid of low-class officers and to pass essential acts that will enable professionalization of the army and introduction of the system of active military reserves. The system of active military reserves represents the only objective citizens’ control of the army.


Economic Policy

 "I place economy among the first and important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy."

Thomas Jefferson


Public Funds

 We call for the revision of the sense of existence of the Czech National Bank.


Taxation – revenues






Social Policy

 The entire social policy system is about harmonic enforcement of two principles:

 The quality and the size of social benefits can only be in consonance with the earnings of every individual and the whole society. Other ways are immoral, unstable, demotivating and irresponsible.


Therefore, it is necessary to:

a)       Establish a stabilised old age pension scheme. The present system immorally burdens the labour active group of inhabitants for the benefit of the adolescent generation. (The number of pensioners increases). 

b)       Make it advantageous for those pensioners, who have not been in the Employment Office evidence (for more than 6 months).

c)       Consistently tax all income active people, who reside in this country regardless of their country of origin.

d)       Gradually establish a contributory pension scheme, in which the pension would be directly derived from the amount that everyone pooled into the system (when working).

e)       Lower the size of pension system allotments proportionally to the number of children in the family.



Tourist Traffic

 We support development of the tourist traffic as an important source of prestige and prosperity of the country. The tourist potential of the Czech Republic is not exploited enough - especially in the regions.


Health Service:

 We will enact “a living will” as the basic right of free citizens to decide beforehand about the extent of the medical care in case of some unexpected events (long-term or permanent unconsciousness) or the death (body and body organ treatment, etc.) 

We will markedly embarrass abortions and emphasise the ethic effect of special abortion committees. Maintenance of women’s rights (final decision-making) will be preserved.


Educational System


Agriculture and the Countryside

 We refuse an exalted regulation of the inland and the international agricultural products trade – unlike the European Union. As to the countryside, we stand for a maximal support of the natural and the fully market mechanisms - with a respect to all specifics.

 We demand a final completion of agricultural restitutions and the privatisation, so that agriculture entrepreneurs would gain confidence. We especially call for:

 We will see so that small and medium villages would be able to solve the problems of life in the country more effectively - they will administer local taxes, etc. Citizens living in a village must be essentially responsible for the quality and the standard of life in the village. This will have an influence on:

 As long as it is necessary, there would be strictly applied a system of market quotas for selected agricultural products – milk, butter, sugar…. - The government would guarantee redemption prices.

 We will thoroughly apply the system of a differentiated land tax and the system of landscape administration support, including the waste management. We will introduce market mechanism for all agricultural structures and the whole food processing industry. The state will become only a strong regulator, and, together with local administrative units, food quality controller.


Transport and Communications

 The transport and the public transport are one of the most important manifestations of the freedom of movement.


Housing Policy



 The present agenda is as follows:



 Our intention:

1.    National: (see above)

2.    Significant: in charge of regions, but on commercial basis.

3.    Others: after restitutions, privatisation > on a commercial basis or other form only.

·         Abolishment of the statutory television and the radio > privatisation of the ČT1 and all Čro channels, except for one. This channel and the ČT2 will become the state radio and the television.



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