Up-to-date Remarks Upon the Last Week – 12

    Considering the verdict of the Chamber of Deputies, whoever criticises the great number of public officials is mistaken. According to the first version, districts should have been cancelled and regional vestries subsequently established. It really happened. However - to our big surprise - there have been established 194 fully staffed departments instead of the 78 district authorities. Nevertheless, nobody knows whether Mr. Špidla is satisfied enough with such approach to the citizens – “more social” would be the following slogan – A public official for every single family.
Do you also trust the media as they say Mr. General Secretary Robertson has only come to inspect Prague
’s preparedness for the November NATO summit? No fear. Our Mr. President is very modest. He kept secret this time that he invited him in order to explain to him who would be allowed to join the NATO and who would come a mucker. He was not only modest, but also a little bit worried this time. Czech governments had been concealing court rolls protecting Bolsheviks for many years. It is also a good tip for other countries – if Slovaks make bad decision the elections, they may only poke away the applications.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the Czech Republic won’t produce a resolution on violation of human rights in Cuba this year. How could we... Messrs. Pilip and Bubeník shall be awarded the Bay of the Sows Decoration for an excellent disclosing of the American Freedom House organisation. All Cuban TV watchers surely remember Mr. Petr Rambo Pithart as he was holding Fidel
’s neck ten centimeters above the ground till he forced him to sign a photo for his wife. Besides – our comrades will be in need of the isle of freedom soon…

The Czech Savings Bank has decided to make the Czech political atmosphere even less democratic, as it decided to provide financial donation only to some parliamentary parties. It did so probably because of an apprehension that these parties wouldn’t be able to stand the election bail and thus would be disqualified from an equal and fair contest. We are happy the Austrian bank suggests who it is good to vote for. We can promise that after we get in the Parliament we will settle with voters fairly, and our relations with Austria will be even more intense. Besides, we have thought over it, and perhaps one Telemín really is not enough.

Philippic stood for a fissile political slander in classical Greece. There is no Philip like Philip. The Bolshevik deputy of the same name, whose criminal organisation is still in the Parliament thanks to an absolute inability of the whole political spectrum, compared the present NATO leadership and its conception to Adolph Hitler. That was an arrogant slap to our democracy, freedom and political system. How long will the Czech citizens tolerate similar offences taken by such prehistoric troglodytes? Perhaps it is still necessary to remind that the communist concentrate camps were fully comparable to the camps built by Nazis.

At the end of the 12th week
Ing. Michal Simkanič

Up-to-date Remarks Upon the Last Week – 11

  It’s a pity Mr. Minister Gross - under the pressure of public opinion - has yielded from his intention to become a businessman. Czech businessmen must challenge the worst business terms in Europe. The government doesn’t support the middle class, and looks attentively about any chance to make the business even more difficult. All businessmen have finally learnt the way. Nevertheless, Mrs. Gross remains a matchless example for everyone. What’s the formula? It’s simple: Don’t be afraid and address potential generous sponsors. They will give you everything necessary –money here, services there. Yeah, and don’t breath a word of your husband (who is a Minister). That would scare them and you would get nothing. Well begun is half done…
On Tuesday, we observed already the third anniversary of the day, when we had definitely become a part of the civilised world. It is probably the first time in our history (which is more than a thousand years old) when we can be sure any military aggression against our country would be punished. There is no more fear we would have to defend our country alone. Of course, we must always be ready for an active primary defensive reaction. It is an honour for us we can provide the same service to other friends in the Alliance. The Czech Republic must permanently be a dignified partner to other NATO member states.
Mr. Verheugen decided to speak for us in Brussels - he announced that we would surely give over the question of Beneš decrees. Nevertheless, when he found that it wouldn’t be so easy, he uttered basically the same about the Restitution Law. Although our state representatives
reactions to similar provocations are getting better – well, the elections are coming soon – the Czech Republic should be able to answer such provocations even more fiercely. The Paris Reparation Treaty awarded us reparations amounting to 300 mld. Czech pre-war Crowns. Despite the fact that Germany and its allies owe us the money, we haven’t obtained a single Crown. After the debt is settled we can dispute about history.
Admittedly, it is more pleasant to commemorate felicitous anniversaries that the sorrowful ones. Friday was the day when hordes of Nazis deluged our country 63 years ago. For more than 50 years we had been abridged of the right to decide on ourselves independently, and all the following Parliaments had become bus-boys of the Nazis and Bolsheviks. Unfortunately, virtually none of our state representatives reminded the anniversary last week. It is more than symbolical that our Prime Minister begged on the same day at a meeting of those, who are trying to deprive the Czech nation of independence and sovereignty again…
As the end of the electoral term draws nearer, it is interesting to observe contradictory approaches of the two most powerful political parties (so far) to the Opposition Agreement, which has been representing their joint platform for the last four years. While the approach of the ODS
is pragmatic and let’s say manful, Social Democrats, on the other hand, are trying to convince everyone that there has been no agreement. It is childish, but also dangerous. Voters are not idiots. It isn’t definitely a good idea to make them idiots.

At the end of the 11th week
Ing. Michal Simkanič

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