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last updated 16.40 11.04.2002
by Marek Hrodek

  The Česká Pravice, a conservative political party, submitted a regular application for the Elections 2002 in all fourteen election districts on 9th April, 2002. In conformity with relevant law, the election bails were furnished as well. Particular tickets will be published no sooner than the statue of limitation for their corrections and refilling elapses - thus on 15th April, 2002.

Ing. Michal Simkanič


ČP Executive Committee’s Official Point 
on Moving the Radio Free Europe

 All our state representatives should reverentially thank Mr. President of the Radio Free Europe (RFE) for his broadminded position and immediately apologise to him and the Congress of the United States for impetuous and coward attitude towards this issue. It is our fault we believed Czech journalists, who reported that the issue had been continuously consulted with the management of the RFE. We believed that the whole nonsense would be settled without international shame. We realise with fear these days that their words were not true. What an arrogance and disrespect for an institution, which contributed to our partial freedom the most!
          We are proud our country harbours this respectable organisation and that the Czech nation can express its thanks this way at least. Unfortunately, our history is full of weaklings and cowards, who, trying to protect their nation, systematically remitted to the evil. The only thing they achieved was an immense moral devastation of the majority of our nation. Lets not allow impious people represent us. The oncoming elections give us an opportunity that must be embraced. Let’s get rid of the inferiority complex – our nation is comparable to any other nation. Let’s believe our future representatives will correspond to this idea.
This way we appeal to the Czech Government and the Parliament to compel an apologise from the State Security Council members for their shameful decision. Personal consequences should be drawn concerning the members responsible for ignorance of the aggrieved institution. At the same time, we bind all our members, supporters and constituents to propagate our position among our fellow-citizens. If it is true that nation has a government it deserves, we will seek in order to have the next government better.


9th January 2002, Prague
In behalf of the ČP’s Executive Committee,
Ing. Michal Simkanič



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